Become a greeter

Being a Cluj Greeter is:

– Entertaining

– Helpful for your personal development as well as for offering a hand to a new visitor

– An opportunity to meet new people and practice foreign languages

– Part of a The Global Greeters network so it is an initiative that works all over the world

– A way to create a positive image of Romanians and Romania


Before completing the survey please read About Cluj Greeters Programme and our Greeter Agreement below.

Greeter Agreement

Greeters are volunteers and the program is free of charge. Greeters do not accept any form of payment, nor tips. Visitors and greeters will pay their own public transport fare to reach a destination within the city.

It’s up to you about how much time you are willing to give. Everyone is a volunteer and will only be expected to give time to the programme when it is practical and suitable to do so. As a general rule, we would ask that Greeters are prepared to give two dayparts a month. Additional time will also be needed for supervision, meetings and training.

You don’t need any qualifications, you just have to be friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Cluj and keen to share what you know about the city. You need to feel comfortable speaking to small groups of people about places and culture. We will give you some guidance on how to structure your tour, but we don’t wish to suppress your individual personal enthusiasm 🙂


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